2014 Fashion Jewelry Trends in Fall & Winter: The Oversized Jewelry Gorgeous Coming

Women Jewelry

In the fall and winter fashion week 2014, what firstly attracts our eye is the oversized jewelry trend. We can see the models wearing the bold exaggerate women jewelry here and there in the show. The complicated, twinning metal necklace and the enormous pendant tapered end necklace of Chanel while the necklaces and the long collar necklaces of Emporio Armani which is so big that it can occupy the whole eyes of people! And the gorgeous colorful flower shapes diamonds shining brightly in the necklaces and hair accessories…. All of this jewelry gives out the super smell of bold jewelry and the more the better wearing rules. It implies that the bold jewelry will bring new fashion in fall and winter 2014.

Women Jewelry Women Jewelry
The gold jewelry seems never fading in the fashion world, it always plays significant role on the luxury appearance.

Women Jewelry Women Jewelry

Women Jewelry Women Jewelry

Women Jewelry Women Jewelry
I do have no idea that from which people start fall in love with the special designs, such as the prevailing new trends of wearing single earring!

Women Jewelry Women Jewelry Women Jewelry Women Jewelry

Necklaces with bold diamond on it look great on the graceful appearance! Such as Rhinestone Statement Necklace, it just works best if you are willing to stand out in the crowd.

Women Jewelry Women Jewelry

jewelry9 Women Jewelry Women JewelryRhinestone Statement Necklace


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