Jewelry Trends in 2018

Some pieces of jewelry are classic like as pearls and diamonds. But as like every trend jewelry trends change with time. The classic pieces of jewelry put more shine in the beauty of women. Here are presenting the detail of the most top jewelry trend which is come for 2018.

peacock necklace


Bigger or bolder is best for earrings in 2018. Long in length accented earrings having flash are all we need to create a statement when you will walk in the room. And mix matching earrings are a new trend too. It’s all about for the sake of getting attention to beautiful attracting face and the blow earrings will not disappoint in beauty and make you a center of attention.

peacock necklace

E R COIN Drop circle earrings:

E R COIN Drop circle earrings are gold earrings, it represents your neck long and slim. This will be best with an evening dress for a special event or for dinner date.

peacock necklace


In 2018 hoops are back, Hoop earrings have been on the top of rising for a while, but they are coming in full circle. These earrings are­­­­ for every day and for daytime occasions. They represent you fabulous and rock.

peacock necklace

Shoulder-Grazing Earrings:

Shoulder Grazing Earrings are using with lobe dressing and the trend undoubtedly completes a cocktail dress. It looks best while elevating low-key, and it is also a daytime look.

peacock necklace


Shape and rope necklace is the most necklace trend in 2018. A long chain with a shaped pendant with the best perfect little black dress which hangs in the closet. Adding a statement into peacock necklace that will change everything into fabulous. Try pairing with a simple chain or a smallest pendant.

peacock necklace

Peacock necklace and earrings:

The look is impressive and very suitable for all kinds of occasions. It is a choice of many celebrities and stars. Its elegant and crafted design is well organized or in your favorite shirt. Match it with Pretty Peacock earrings to complete the jewelry set. Choose from a chain of 16 “or 18” sterling silver beads.

peacock necklace


If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring and the wedding ring, these trends are for you.

peacock necklace

Goldstein’s Hearts on Fire collection is truly unique, and our knowledge is invaluable. Any piece we have in stock will surely turn your heart when you see it. Tear engagement rings are a big hit in the bride’s world right now.

peacock necklace

Combining your engagement ring with a delicate and beautiful wedding band like this from our collection A Jaffe will enhance the already beautiful aesthetic. Pink gold and silver are the colors that stand out this year, so compensating for your ring with one of these selections will make it special.

peacock necklace



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