Earring holders are used in storing and arranging earrings. With grooves or gaps, earring holders secure the earring shaft in place, permitting them to be sealed utilizing the earring lock. They may also be used for displaying large earring collections and may be placed on show bags, desks, or walls.

Earrings come in all shapes and sizes. From small ornaments to large jewellery, each set needs to catch the customer’s eye. While many hoops are displayed in boxes or even paired together on some board,

When attached to Earring Holders, each pair stands out. Instead of looking flat and one dimensional, customers get a closer look at the couple they are interested in. Most people, as the shop, imagine what the items will look like when they get home and put them on. With a holder, they get a better idea of the size and shape of the earrings as well as how they will lay.

Earring rack

While women look into a display, they don’t just want to see pairs of earrings lined up in a row. Be creative with the way that each pair is presented. By using a combination of display options, it is possible to create interest. Women will want to look inside the case and see all of the different brands and styles available to them. Is there a unique pair that just came out for the holidays? By using Earring racks, there is a chance to catch her eye and create a focus on certain items.

During a shopping trip, most women want to see all of their options when it comes to a particular style. If she is looking for studs, she may want to know if they come in gold, silver, or even if there are different colour choices.


To address different needs and preferences, there are various types for you to choose from:

Earring cards – earring cards are little cardboard or plastic sheets that accompany two piercings for the pole to fit in. A few models also include small flaps to hold clip-on earrings. Usually folded at the top, they may then be hung from car racks or wires.

Earring racks – earring racks, then again, have at least two or more grooved bars that are arranged across vertical frames. Also called as earring trees, earring racks may be mounted on walls or in detached models. The number of bars used differ from model to model, although desk models usually have two to three while floor and wall racks can have up to 10 bars.

Mesh, earring holders – Made from loosely woven fabric; mesh holders use the space between eaves to hold the earring shaft. Generally pinned or hung to a wall or divider, of the three, mesh earring holders are the ones most available with colourful designs and oddity shapes.


In case you’re getting mesh or card earring holders, search for designs that keep your earrings visible to make it easy to find litter earrings. Colourful patterns tend to make earrings blend in, after all. If you can, opt for robust, neutral colors like grey, white, and black. If you’re looking for metal or wooden racks, look for those that come with felt-lined or padded holders to prevent your earrings from being scratched and scraped. Padding also works for irregularly shaped shafts and will protect delicate materials as well like gems or glass.

Earring rack


Earring holders are the best way to display merchandise and entice customers to make a purchase. It is obtainable at banggood.com at an affordable price.




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