Accessorize with Jewelry for Autumn & Winter

Last time we had talked something about the accessories in summer and spring, Have it did a favor for accessorize your jewelry in summer & spring? Now you can also know how to accessorize with jewelry in autumn and winter here, just follow me, I think you will really like it!

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Fall jewelry accessories
Autumn is a romantic season in my mind. You can feel the cool and refreshing gentle breeze blow through your slim body, with the leaves falling beside you, how enjoyable feeling! It will bring you far away from being agitated. Moreover, fall is associated with rich, warm colors. Topaz, red, brown, gold as well as orange become popular colors in this season. You can feel free to buy some cheap jewelry, such as the leaves series. Yes, you are absolutely right, this styles is inspired by the falling leaves from trees in the Northern hemisphere during the autumn season. Many people are willing to take a scarf into consideration when accessorizing with the fall. With it you can both keep warm and accessorize with your outfit. What’s more, wearing a brooch on a scarf can give it that special touch.

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The following colors are perfect for the fall season: Red, Orange, Olive Green, Dark Green, Brown, Topaz, Gold, and Yellow.
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Winter jewelry accessories
Winter is the time to break out all of your vintage jewelry and mix it with sparkle. Light blues and rich combinations like red as well as green are in style during the winter. It is a popular trend to add bold jewelry that has a vintage look. Large necklaces such as Resin Wing Feather Necklace, chandelier earrings are in.

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Winter colors are inspired by holidays, snow and ice. These trends are according to the places that get cold in winter. You should wear brighter if you are in warmer environment. Big earrings are one of the most popular winter accessories as well as antique metals jewelry. Icy Blue, Red, Green, Gold, Purple are all colors that popular in winter.

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