Accessorize with Jewelry for Spring & Summer

Women can complete their look with the right jewelry which can really show their personality. You can even dress the same outfit to different occasions by just changing your accessories. Only when you are familiar with the rules of how to accessorize your outfit with jewelry as well as the season you are in, can you find that it is easy to accessorize with jewelry. Following the tips you can find the perfect jewelry for your styles, no matter in spring or summer.

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Spring fashion accessories
Every time when something remind you of spring, will you associated it with flowers, warm sunshine and rebirth? Yes, I will. Alike spring, spring accessories are flirty, colorful and bright. The butterfly flower necklace is just that. The bohemian style is very popular in spring. Wearing long necklace with large bags is a good choice in this season and completed it with a big shiny ring which will make it perfect.

pendant necklacespendant necklaces

Colorful flowers make spring a colorful season! Pastels are associated with early spring while bright colors are more popular later in the spring. Turquoise, Yellow, Light Green, Lavender, White, all those colors are suitable for spring.
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Summer jewelry accessories
Summer is one of the most favorite seasons for me. There are colors, energy and adventure here and there in summer, especially the sunshine. Turquoise and yellow are the most popular colors in summer. Try wearing a few, simple pieces, such as pendant necklaces.Then choose one bold to draw attention. Necklace can make a simple sun dress look expensive, it is a great choice. Hot Pink, Lime Green, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Light Blue, White and Silver, all of those colors are popular in summer.

pendant necklaces


Hello, My name is Irene, I've always loved jewelry. Undoubtedly, jewery have been an indispensable accessories to accessorize our outfit. I'd like to writting about jewlery, all sorts of beautiful, charming jewelry in my blog, and share everything I've learn about them. If there's anything that you'd like to see here, let me know.

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