Accessorize a Scarf, Getting a Glam Look

Scarves are popular accessories that bring warm, comfort, or maybe just accessorize your outfit. There are many scarf fans who unknown how to combine jewelry with scarf. If you want to try one of these style variations, you may think about learning some of the best ways to accessorize a scarf.

Asymmetric Clovers Stud Earringsdrop earringsAsymmetric Clovers Stud EarringsAsymmetric Clovers Stud EarringsAsymmetric Clovers Stud EarringsTo accessorize a scarf, you can feel free to use traditional jewelry items. Bracelets can be a good choice for large scarves with patterns that are worn either in a large and dramatic loop. It works especially well with patterned scarves, when jewelry worn at the neck or ears can create too busy of a look.

drop earringsdrop earringsdrop earringsThere are earrings that can help to accessorize the lighter weight and simple scarf in a perfect way. For instance, a monochrome pashmina scarf works well with a pair of drop earrings. The colors of the earrings stone can be selected to highlight as well as contrast effectively with the color of the pashmina. You should wear shorter earrings when you wearing patterned scarves or without wearing any earrings. Such as Asymmetric Clovers Stud Earrings, It is better to choose options that use a metal such as silver, gold, or copper.

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