Anne Hathaway Wears the Jewelry to the Next Level

No word could be used to embellish her beauty; she likes nature herself when she is standing there. She own the face just as perfect as the angel, devil figure and the envy acting talent, with that said, she should be the natural enemy for all the Hollywood stars, because there is no thing that Hathaway couldn’t wear well, no matter it is the fashion jewelry or the full dress, they play as the green leaves and let her shine. All of us know that, the jewelry should be the best friends of women, and look the bling bling jewelry appearance for this charming flowers-Anne Hathaway.

fashion jewelry fashion jewelry

During the time when the first run of “Bride War” in 2009, she was elegant in the whole black suit with sparkle diamond jewelry with Kate Hudson.

fashion jewelryfashion jewelry

In the red carpet of the 83th Oscar, she succeeds in bringing the brightness to the red carpet in diamond necklace, earrings and ring which really make her the shining pint that night.

fashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelryfashion jewelry

Wearing the gold full dress with the bold colorful necklace, she shining from start to the end in the first run of “Batman: the dark knight rise” in 2012.

fashion jewelry

The red full dress and the delicate multilayer bracelets make for a playful take on the release of the film “Les Miserables” in January 6th 2013.

fashion jewelry
Whatever the delicate stud earrings or bold, colorful necklaces or the simple style one, she could play incisively and and vividly.

fashion jewelry


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