Another New Style DIY Rubber Band Bracelets: Create Colorful and Vivid Appearance

DIY Bracelet Set

Last time I have showed you the easier way to make a simple bracelet for your little child and this time I have found another fantastic way to make the even wider colorful bracelets, moreover, you can also add some Plastic Star Beads Charms to decorate your beautiful bracelet, I do believe that either you and your child will fall in love with them. However, please make sure you have enough patience, as it is a little complicated than the last one. Now let’s go!

Plastic Star Beads CharmsDIY Bracelet Set
1.Choose the middle color as you like, here I have chosen the green in the middle and the pink and blue on the two sides.
DIY Bracelet Set DIY Bracelet Set DIY Bracelet Set

2.Adjust the place, use the same way to bend the pink and blue bands and then through the two bands between the blue and the pink bands. Look at this picture:

DIY Bracelet Set DIY Bracelet Set DIY Bracelet Set

3.After that you will find the green one has been in the middle, bend the green one again, put one side of two pink bands into the green, so does the blue one.

DIY Bracelet Set DIY Bracelet Set DIY Bracelet Set DIY Bracelet Set DIY Bracelet Set

4.Please make sure that the blue one and the pink should be closed to the green one, on the other hand insert with green band.

DIY Bracelet Set DIY Bracelet Set
5.Bend the pink and blue bands; there are two hole of each side.

DIY Bracelet Set DIY Bracelet Set DIY Bracelet Set

6.Repeat the step five and six, stop until you find it is long enough for your wrist. A bracelet made of DIY Bracelet Set is crowned with success.

DIY Bracelet SetDIY Bracelet Set

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