Attention –Grabbing Earrings Glam up 3 Cool Takes on Ponytail

Feeling a little glum in the accessory and the hairstyles department this fall? Look the recent fashion week and street snap for a potent injection of inspiration. The total is well known, the ponytail’s simplicity is matched only by its versatility and it is the best choice to glam up your look as the winter weather rolls in.

Rhinestone Butterfly Ear CuffRhinestone Butterfly Ear Cuff

Look the loosely pulled back with a few, face-framing trends left out, the super star create the high ponytail which is relaxing and counterpoint to her visualize on the awards ceremony, what is worth mentioning is that the special ear cuff play as the finishing point of her appearance, it said a lot to the ponytail when come up with it. You can really bring this style of appearance into your real life by adding the Rhinestone Butterfly Ear Cuff!

Rhinestone Butterfly Ear Cuff Rhinestone Butterfly Ear Cuff Rhinestone Butterfly Ear Cuff

On the other hand, Jaime King’s slick-back which is minimalist but fresh and active acts as the grounding elements to let the drop earrings shine. What could be more fun than wearing the sparkle 925 Silver Plated Earrings and appearing on the party all night!

925 Silver Plated Earrings 925 Silver Plated Earrings 925 Silver Plated Earrings

It is obvious that the ponytail is the best choice to coordinate with the sport style wearing. It is not suggested that put on the drop earrings, but I think the stubs would be good for you at this time.

925 Silver Plated Earrings925 Silver Plated Earrings 925 Silver Plated Earrings


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