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Jewelry Plays an Essential Role in our Daily Life
fashion jewelry

Jewelry, is the most common accessory of our dressing and wearing in the daily life. There are a variety of…

The Punk Earrings is also Perfect for the Good Students
punk bat pendant earrings

Are you a good student in the teacher.s impression? No matter whether you are or not, it cannot change your…

Pick up the Halloween Jewelry Correctly
Halloween luminous pendant necklace

How fast the time went by! Last time I took notice of the date was at the beginning of the…

Put the Pearl Bracelet on to Make You Happier in Rainy Day
Multilayer pearl beads bracelet

Recently, the typhoon appear . Along with the strength of this typhoon, the weather of almost all the Guangdong province…

Put the Little feet on Your Ears
little feet ear studs

Among so many various jewelry, which kind of jewelry you would like to wear most? The answer of people are…

The Bowknot Necklace is very Perfect for the Girls in the Autumn
rhinestone bowknot pendant necklace

As far as I am concerned, I think the autumn which is coming soon is the most romantic season for…

Wear the Jewelry with Tree Pattern to Remain Yourself of Protect the Nature
green plants

If one day all the plants on the earth vanish, what is the consequence of the human beings? What kind…

Snatch the Rest Time to Purchase the Real Flower Necklace
real dry flower necklace

Do you remember that I have shared some special and popular jewelry to your guys? Give you some tips that…

Take the Vintage Velvet Case to Hold all Your Jewelry
vintage velvet jewelry case

For my part, I think it is not possible to figure out how much jewelry that I have. As I…

Follow the Stars at New York Fashion Week to Wear the Jewelry
Ella Thorne

New York Fashion Week which is held in February and September of each year that will last 7-9 days, is…

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