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Jewelry Maintenance: Using the Right Ways to Extend Bright Degree
jewelry maintenance

It is well-known that men always spoil women, and women devote the same mind to jewelry. Whatever they purchase it…

Hot DIY Trend to Try: Bobby Pin Earrings
Bobby Pin Earrings

I do believe that you need to use more or less pins to beautify hairs in daily life which seems…

What Kinds of Accessories I Must Wear in Summer?
Body jewelry

How many girls feel excited and pleasant to see the the arrival of summer? I am the one because it…

Wear Out the Young Feeling with Vintage Finger Rings
Alloy Leaf Finger Rings

Since the popular trend of vintage style, it looks like the current doesn’t tend to stop its ongoing step, and…

Find the Right Length for Your Necklace
pendant necklaces

When you take a stroll on the jewelry shop, you surely are easy to be attracted by a shiny necklace…

Black Earrings are Better to Decorate Your Look
black earrings

As far as I know, most of fashionable girls are refusing to wear black jewelry on their body especially black…

Jewelry Finding: Do Add Talia Collar into Your Jewelry Box
Talia Collar

If you keep a watchful eye on the blog, it is easy for you to find that I love to…

Cocktail Ring, a Piece of Perfect Embellishment
Emerald Crystal Finger Ring

Over the years, cocktail rings have become a piece of indispensable accessory in the list of women’ fashion items. Because…

To Learn the Methods of Jewelry Collocation from Fashion Bloggers
fashion jewelry

Nowadays, more and more fashion bloggers are willing to share their tips and methods about jewelry collocation with others. It…

The Unique & Chic Charm of Wearing Oversized Earrings
stud earrings

In modern society, oversized is one of the big fashions in every season which has led an important position all…

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