Avoid Doing Those Things While Wearing Diamond Jewelry

Diamond comes from ancient of Greek, adamant, which means hard and inviolable. Yes, it is widely recognized as the king of the gem. However, although diamond is hard enough, it has its own weakness as well. So, when you wear your beloved diamond jewelry like diamond bride bracelet, ring or necklace, do remember to avoid doing the following things.

Diamond Bride BraceletDiamond Bride Bracelet

First, don’t touch the heat. Though the diamond is formed under high temperature and pressure, it will burn when the heat reach to 800 degrees due to its main carbon ingredient. So, don’t let your diamond get close to high temperature due to your curiosity.

women jewelrywomen jewelry

Second, diamond fear to ultraviolet. If you tend to exposure your favorite diamond to strong ultraviolet, you will see small points on the surface of diamond for a while. Therefore, no matter what you want to do, don’t try to hurt your diamond under sunlight and magnifier.

women jewelrywomen jewelry

Third, your precious diamond is afraid of radiation and oil. Don’t think innocently your diamond will be colorful diamond after radiating. Yes, it may change the color, but at the same time, your original and valuable diamond change as well, so does the oil. Undoubtedly, it is pretty important for you to make your diamond stay away from radiation as well as oil substance.

diamond jewelrydiamond jewelry

Four, diamond can’t be clashed. What? Diamond isn’t as hard as it can? Yes, diamond itself is very hard, but it is quite normal that the more hard things are more fragile. Once diamond is clashed, it is easy to get broken. Hence, try your best not to do acute actions while wearing diamond.

diamond jewelrydiamond jewelry

Have you already got those tips? Actually, not just the diamond, you should be careful when you put on other fashionable women jewelry.

diamond jewelry


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