Banggood Spring Sale 2020: Best Deals and Big Discounts

Banggood, the fourth giant of Chinese International e-commerce, offers you the best products and customer service and keeps improving itself in every aspect of integrated development of the site. Recently, Banggood site is going to launching a big promotion that will start on March 26th and end on April 15th. The promotion is called Banggood Spring Sale 2020, where a bunch of big discounts and coupons will spring up in every product category of Banggood site. So how can you miss out on it? As the Chinese saying goes, the plan of a year is in spring, and the plan of a day is in the morning. Banggood Spring Sale must be a good chance to carry on your shopping plan. However, to be a wise consumer, you may need some tips on joining the Banggood Spring Sale to get the biggest benefits from this promotion.

Banggood Spring Sale 2020

This month-long sale will be divided into two stages including the warming-up stage(From March 26th to April 12th) and blowout stage(From April 13thto April 15th). The warming-up stage will start with a big interactive game called Spring Lucky draw, where you might walk away with Banggood points, big coupons, gifts, and free order. Not to mention, the big prize like Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 is available for you. When the game begins, everyone will have 10 coins. But if you want to join the lucky draw, you need to have at least 20 coins. The more coins you get, the more chances you have to join the lucky draw. Naturally, you can get more chances to get the biggest prize. To get more coins, you can enter the activity page every day to check in, browse the Spring Sale Page for 30s or any other missions available in the page. It is worth noticing that a special prize like free order will be released on March 31st. For more information about the lucky draw and more tips to get the biggest prize, please check here.

Meanwhile, all of the category sales will serve you on time. In the following, we will share some big discounts that are available in every category sale of the Banggood Spring Sale. The view into the main page of the Banggood Spring Sale is a breath-breaking experience, enlivened with a series of big discounts and coupons. Once the warming-up stage begins, big coupons will be available for you, among which the biggest one will go up to 130 off. However, the amount of the coupons is limited to only 5 pcs. So if you would like to snap up it, you should be alert before the event begins. Moreover, much more discounting sales like flash deals are available for you. For more details for them, please check here.

Home&Garden Deal

Do you plan to update your home stuff to care for your family? If you do, the Home&Garden Deal of Banggood Spring Sale must be the chance you should seize. During the warming up Stage, 50% off for new arrivals from Banggood top value brands like Xiaomi, Blitz Wolf, and Digoo will be offered to you. For example, Xiaoda Electric Hot Water Heater Faucet comes with innovative hydropower separation technology to completely isolate and insulate current and water flow, prevent the occurrence of water flow and electricity, and ensure the safety of water with your family. Such an item will be offered for you only at US$23.99. If you would like to get such a water faucet, it will be the best time for you to get. And Blitz wolf BW-FD1 Automatic PIR Soap Dispenser adopts innovative bubble pump technology that can convert the liquid into foam to reduce your use of liquid soap by 50%. Here you can get it only at US$15.99. More importantly, more coupon deals will be also available for you. Here you can witness a big discount in the Xiaomi mi air purifier that comes with the integrated 360 ° barrel filter that can absorb and remove harmful substances like formaldehyde, offering your families the best air environment. It will be available on the Sale only at US$ 168.99, which is US$70 cheaper than that in the normal time. So why you can miss out on it? Smartmi Professional Protective Face Mask  that achieves KN95 high-efficiency filtration grade can effectively block more than 0.3um bacteria. During the sale, given 40% off, it will be available at only US$7.55. For more discounts about the products, please check here.

Banggood Spring Sale 2020

Besides the discounting activity and category sale mentioned above, many more category sales including fashion sales and tools & electronics sales will be offered to you. And to show customer care, it also provides health care & protection items and home cleaning gear deals in which disposable protective masks, wash-free hand sanitizer, disposable protective gloves ,digital Thermometer and any other health protection gear are available for you to keep away from the COVID-19 during the quarantine. For the limited supply to serve more customers, limited purchases per person is advocated.

Banggood Spring Sale 2020 is providing a bunch of big discounts and the best service for you with its all-out effort. And as the blowout sale approaches, much more discounting benefits will be shown to you. Do not miss it. Here you can make your all the shopping fantasies come true with pennies. Can’t wait to know more about it? If you do, please visit the Banggood site now and have fun on the Banggood Spring Sale.



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