Basic Accessories Make Quick Change for Outfit from Desk to Drinks

There is a moment when you are invited to have a drink or small gatherings after work on the weekdays, may be it would be too late for you to go back home and change your whole office look to the date. It would be great if there are some quick ways that are not only save time but also make your look available to a night on the town. In fact, as long as relying on the basic accessories including the jewelry purchased on online jewelry stores, shoes, handbags, you could satisfy your night out look without going back home.

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If you wore a set of formal wear in navy to work that day and would like to change to the night out appearance after work, change your flats to the sexy heels in bright colors, add a piece of Gold Plated Bangle and the delicate handbag which place in your shoulder bag to dress up for evening out.

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As for the white formal wear, choose a pair of lady heels with flowers or other delicate accessories instead of your black one and at this time Simplify your jewelry game with delicate, pearl necklaces like the Double Layer Pearl Necklace that just graze your collarbone is necessary for you to create the elegant appearance.
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What about the jumpsuit? Pair the jumpsuit with the flats so as to make sure you have a comfortable office look for day; change it for night by converting it into a pair of luxury blue crystal heart earrings along with the heels as well as the print handbag!

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