The Best Way to Fold Men’s Shirts for Traveling

When come up with traveling, it always reminds me of pleasant time and intoxicating scenery. As for men, traveling can be stressed out. Whatever for business or pleasure, and knowing how to fold clothing for a neat and presentable appearance can decrease your anxiety of preparing traveling? Besides taking the outfit into consideration you have to think about which accessories you should bring so as to accent your outfit, whether OHSEN Sport Digital watch or others, that’s all depend on the place you are planning to go and the styles of outfit you are preparing. Never could you look down upon folding outfit, avoid your clothing from crinkle, proper folding are more likely to make more room so that you can put other things into as well, neat packing allows travelers to find out which outfit you need to pick up today quickly. No one want to miss this and that when traveling or business trip.

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It is not so hard for you to fold your T-shirt and you won’t worry about the shirt will be wrinkles if you don’t treat them carefully. In fact the shirts are casual clothes made of fabric that rarely wrinkles. As a matter of fact, rolling the shirts is the best way to limits wrinkles as well as maximizes the space of the suitcase. Put your T-shirts face down on the flat surface of the desk and fold the sleeve toward the center. And then fold the T-shirt in half from bottom to top, roll it up from side to side.

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Dress shirts are a little complicated when compare with the T-shirt, because proper folding must be done to minimize the wrinkles for a well order travel wardrobe.
First you should put a clean shirt on the table where you are planning to fold your dress shirts, smooth out until there are no wrinkles and creases. Secondly, you should start with the right side, fold one-third of the shirt lengthwise toward the center. Pay more attention to the fold line which should run from the center of the shoulder to the tail, sleeve back to lie on top of the fold with the sleeve edge lining up with the folder edge, creating a right angle at the shoulder. On the other hand, fold the hemmed portion of the shirt up toward the collar with the fold about seven inches from the hem. Fold until the bottom portion lies just under the collar. Last step is to turn the shit over and put it into the suitcase carefully. After finishing all the shirts folding, you should think which accessories you should choose according to your shirt, if you are on business trip of course, OHSEN Mlilitary Men watch is indispensable for your formal wear.

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