Bohemia Jewelries for Women

It’s summer now. It time for us to wear Bohemia long dress. Wearing Bohemia long dress in summer gives me a sense of romance and elegance. But to completely show your Bohemia style, you cannot have no Bohemia jewelries because jewelries always are the best partner of clothing. So are you urgent to look for Bohemia jewelries to match your Bohemia long dress. Now look at here:

1. 6Pcs of Bohemia Gold Plated Crystal Rings Charm Bracelet Jewelry Set

This jewelry set is made of five rings and one bracelet. You can freely wear one or two rings to match with the bracelet or wear all the rings and bracelet when you wear Bohemia dress. And you can match it with other jewelries whose color is similar to it. Just wear them according your preference, and you will receive different beautifying experience with different matching.

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Bohemia Gold Plated Rings2. 4Pcs Bohemia Retro White Black Turquoise Geometric Knuckle Rings Set

This rings set is made of four rings. It have two color series: silver and gold. And each color series has two color, so it is easy for you to wear them according to what kind of color of your dress you are wearing.

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Bohemia Retro Rings Set

3. Gold Plated Copper Double Heart Elegant Inlay Zircon Finger Ring Fine Women Jewelry

This ring is in the shape of double heart,which looks elegant so it is suitable for the Bohemia style dress even though it is not made specially for the Bohemia style. And because its color is also gold plated you can also match it with the first jewelry set that I mentioned above. And it is easy for your to wear them by picking up a Bohemia dress with the same tone as the ring or other similar clothing. So just develop your ability of matching.

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