Bohemian Beaded Jewelry: Create Effortless New York Style Look

Bohemian loosely refers to a popular social movement in the 1970s that emphasized intellect above all else as well as the exploration of the world. Nowadays it has been a stylish fashion than more and more people pursue. The bohemian style jewelry including Statement Necklaces becomes more and more popular in the world. It is widely known that it is hard to define “New York Style”, because none of the cities are more complicate than the New York City. In fact, as long as you have made full use of the bohemian style jewelry to create effortless New York style is seen as a creative and wise option!

Statement NecklacesStatement NecklacesBohemian Beaded Statement NecklaceBohemian Beaded Statement Necklace

The copy Apollo Rocket sweater which is both vintage and humorous has roused heated discussion when this series exposure firstly. Go with it and match with the black leather skirt will surely make you look cool, the operation of the leather material show well the stiff and smooth outline. It would be great when pair them with a pair of black ankle boot.

Statement Necklaces Statement Necklaces Statement Necklaces

But before you rush out the door, you should complete your New York look by converting it into a piece of bohemian beaded statement necklace, the whole black tone match with the vintage sweater is full of good-looking sense and the gold metal plate give the look a shining point!

Statement Necklaces Statement Necklaces Statement Necklaces Statement Necklaces


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