Bohemian Jewelry to Spice Up

While bohemian jewelry was began to pop out as a way to simplify and create very basic jewelry designs in casual style, now it has been changed a bit this style but keeping some wonderful designs, from which you could the jewelry is in the bohemian style. If you are always following the fashion trend, you would know clearly that the bohemian style has been trendy for a couple years, and it is wonderful in not only jewelry design but also clothing design. There is no denying that some designers have been so crazy about to this style trend. And thanks to those designers, we got lots of wonderful jewelry in bohemian style to choose.

Bohemian Tassels Statement Jewelry Bohemian Tassels Statement Jewelry

First, we are going to talk about the common feature of bohemian jewelry. Bohemian jewelry is characterized by a lot of feathers, metal chain, leather, raw stones, and turquoise stone. To take this bohemian style necklace as an example, it has combined the metal chain and the beads in turquoise stone. As you take a closer look at those bohemian jewelry, you will figure out that all those materials of bohemian jewelry are natural and raw, which make the bohemian so out of other kinds of jewelry. Bohemian jewelry also features with some very delicate items, such as jewelry and leather pieces or other a little more traditional material.

turquoise ankle bracelet turquoise ankle bracelet

Now, here is the catch that how to combine or style with bohemian jewelry. There are many ways to combine the bohemian jewelry, one is basically stack a lot of rings on the same fingers, or you can put on each finger evenly. You can combine with a large number of colored pieces in this type of jewelry regardless of color, all can make excellent look. Or this bohemian tassels statement jewelry in solid silver is not only eye-catching but also quite vintage somehow.

turquoise ankle bracelet

Now what you need is the bohemian style jewelry to spice up.


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