Bridals Fashion: Celebrity-inspired Wedding Braids Coordinating with Stunning Earrings

bridal jewellery

Sure enough no one is reluctant to appear unique and perfectly pretty in the wedding day, so do I. Every time when I was invited to attending the wedding of my friend, I have found that all the bridals are nearly in the “same appearance”, they wearing the white gown, have their hair up or down common as well as adding a pure white veil so as to accent their hairstyle. Then I start to plan that I won’t appear just so commonly like them on my big day! The celebrities on the red carpet really stimulate my inspiration on the wedding; why not try the intricate and romantic braids, matches with the bling gracing bridal jewellery?

bridal jewellerybridal jewellery

Wearing the backless gowns can always make you appear sexy and gorgeous in the wedding, more than that, the cascading plait hairstyle like Cheryl Cole would be wise for you to take over with this gown. Just as Lisa Laudat said” there’s something sexy and womanly about seeing a woman’s hair on her bare skin”. Not only her hairstyle is deserved to learn but also the earrings show worn which is simple but glamourous enough.

bridal jewellery bridal jewellery bridal jewellery bridal jewellery

There’s perhaps nothing more classic than a topknot for the big day, however, look Jessica Alba who adds intrigue with an inverted braid that snakes up the back. There is no denying that this style of hair looks perfect for the gown which is more structured. It should be a sparkle spot when she pairs it with the special ear cuff, a creative and intentional look occur suddenly. As for you, the Angel Wings Ear Clip is a good idea to create that unique and glamourous appearance.

bridal jewellery bridal jewellery bridal jewellery bridal jewellery bridal jewellery


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