Cat Influence in Fashion

Animals influence and touch our lives in many ways. They are our pets, our cuddly companions, and have extended their touch to the world of fashion where they determine what we wear and how we wear it. Animal prints have been in the fashion industry for so long as to become a staple in the runways and fashionable clothes all over the world.

Cat Ear Cuff

Cat designs and imprints, in particular, have become popular among designers and around fashion shows across the globe. They have taken over as the animal print of choice with adorable cat faces donning many designs now, a welcome expansion from the traditional tiger print.

Cat Ear Cuff

Further, many forward-thinking and innovative designers, inspired by our feline counterparts, are making trendy, cool, chic and fashionable designer clothes and accessories that are heavily themed on the cat.

Cat Ear Cuff

This stylish cat ear cuff available on Banggood for $4 is one such item. Made of a zinc alloy to give it that precious and shiny glow and also to prevent wear, tear, color degradation and corrosion, it is highly recommended for women who want to exude confidence and profess their love for cats at the same time. Curling in its design like a cat stretching itself, this ear cuff comes in a single piece to be worn on the left ear. It is dotted to resemble the spots on a cat with the tail exaggeratedly winding for that unforgettable impression. Available in three different colors of bronze, black, and silver, this ear cuff can accessorize and match pretty much every outfit in your closet, be it your skinny pair of jeans or that sexy dress you keep for dates.

Cat Ear Cuff

Another piece of jewelry inspired by our furry companions is the cat moon earrings. Designed to depict an adorable cat sitting on a half-moon with its back to the world, this fine piece of jewelry makes for a fine gift to a woman. A woman who knows what they want and is not shy to say it. Going for around $8 on Banggood and readily available for shipping anywhere across the globe, these chic earrings make for the jewelry to subtly show your sexiness and playful nature. Light and small for that comfortable feel in your left ear but not too tiny and demure as to remain unnoticeable, this ear stud comes in two colors: silver and gold. But either way, you are going to ooze class since they made with the finest sterling silver and then coated with gold.



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