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Magnificent Beads Jewelry Match Your Expansive Closet
Beads Crystal Bracelet

It’s widely known that the stars always have a versatility wardrobe, so far as that is concerned, so do the…

Several Steps Help You DIY Vintage Noble Necklace and Brooch
DIY Time Gemstone Brooch

It seems like fall always sneaks up on us fasting than we are expecting it, as we say goodbye to…

Another New Style DIY Rubber Band Bracelets: Create Colorful and Vivid Appearance
DIY Bracelet Set

Last time I have showed you the easier way to make a simple bracelet for your little child and this…

Swinging Rubber Bands DIY Bracelet: Safe and Meaningful Jewelry for Child
Rubber Bands DIY Bracelet

What an amazing thing to give birth in little lovely twins! I think you are willing to create a beautiful…

Make Cheap, Safety and Colorful Bracelets for Your Kid
Silicone Rubber Charms

Have you ever tried to make some fashion craft by yourself? Do you think wearing fashion jewelry which is made…

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