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How to Rock The Punk Style With Jewelries
Punk rings

The punk fashion was additionally adhering to the principles of non-congruity in examination with the state of affairs. It regularly…

Three Funny But Stylish Cartilage Earrings Ideas
Cartilage earrings

Cartilage earrings are an exceptional type of self-expression. Cartilage earrings are frequently one of the principal ventures past conventional earlobe…

Banggood Black Friday Sale: Stronger Incoming Price Storm and Up to 80% Off Top Deals
Banggood Black Friday Sale

On November 12th, Banggood Double Eleven Sale, the grand shopping festival with the low price storm, just successfully ended with…

The Best Stabilizing Earring Backs
Universal EZback Earring Backs Soft Clear Silicone and 14k Yellow Gold.

Here are the best earrings backs in the market today; BlingGuard BlingDots Earring Supports and Stabilizers.   These are medical-grade…

Earring storage

INTRODUCTION: Did you know that some jewelry boxes can accomplish more harm than good? Are you storing your jewelry the…

Rubber or Plastic earring backs: All You Should Know

Introduction Plastic earring backs (here and there referred to as plastic earring backs) are regularly produced using delicate adaptable silicone…

Earring Rack

INTRODUCTION Earring holders are used in storing and arranging earrings. With grooves or gaps, earring holders secure the earring shaft…

Everyone Can Become The VIP5 !!!
Banggood's 11th anniversary

Banggood’s 11th birthday is around the corner. To mark this occasion, the grand shopping carnival has been launched to you guys….

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