The Cheats of Distinguishing the Fake Diamonds/ How to Recognize the Truth Diamonds

Since jewelry is the best friends of women. No one unwilling to buy the cheap fashion jewelry on the discount jewelry stores, but how can you knows whether the jewelry is fake jewelry or not? Especially the diamonds, every woman has at least diamond jewelry on their wardrobe. Diamonds are a little expensive than the other jewelry on the market. Besides the industrial value, they can be used as accessories as well, such as brooch, rings, and earrings and so on. On the other hand, diamonds belong to the natural jewelry which makes the diamond has a high value to collect. Right here there some feature about the high quality diamonds: in white color, bigger, transparent, high degree of purity and so on. When you are selecting the diamonds you should pay more attention on the following:

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The colorful of the diamonds is a big way to recognize the fake jewelry, diamonds with good polish will maintain a colorful and bright look while the fake one will look stiff. Put the diamond into the glass full of water, if you found the bright of the diamonds turn to decrease then you can know this is fake jewelry. In the next place, see if the corner of the diamond sharply. Only the fake one will be fray and become sharp. You’d better observe it carefully by using the magnifying glass. Drop a drop of water on the diamond, if you can see the water stick out and can’t drop away for a long time, this is real diamond, or it is fake one.

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Before buying some diamonds jewelry you should wear silk stockings, as the silk stockings are the best tools to distinguish the fake diamond jewelry. With exquisite craftsmanship, the seam should be closed. If you want to buy the diamond ring, diamond bracelet, the best choice is to use your diamond to streak your silk stocking, if you feel the moment when the diamond steak your silk stocking is gliding then the mosaic is good. On the contrary the diamond jewelry isn’t good enough. Besides the diamonds jewelry, you should also be careful before buying the gold or silver jewelry such as the gold statement necklace which is popular among fashion women.

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