Chic Ways to Wear Brooch Jewelry

How many times you lose sight of the small brooch in your jewelry box? How many times you look down upon common brooch while choosing accessories from wholesale fashion jewelry? Why will you have such ideas in your mind? It is high time for you to change such immature thoughts after you know well the chic ways to wear brooch jewelry.

wholesale fashion jewelrybrooch jewelry

brooch jewelry

It goes without saying that the wearing way except from the style is the key point to reflect whether the brooch becomes fashionable or not. Yes, wearing in chest side is the most classic way for you, but neckline, waist, shoulders as well as chest, even hair, areall the perfect places to show the beauty of your brooch. If you have a good control of those tricks, you can have a good and playful time with your beloved brooch.

brooch jewelrybrooch jewelrybrooch jewelrybrooch jewelrybrooch jewelry

For instance, if you have an Austrian crystal flower brooch, you can wear it more flexible on your neckline side, middle neckline or waist side. You will be surprised to find that different ways shape a different figures to you like elegant, vivid and fashionable. Now, what other reasons can support you to put brooch jewelry aside?

Austrian Crystal Flower BroochAustrian Crystal Flower BroochAustrian Crystal Flower BroochAustrian Crystal Flower BroochAustrian Crystal Flower BroochAustrian Crystal Flower Brooch


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