How to Choose a Wonderful Bracelet?

In the part time, men and women used to wear bracelet to show their social state. Today, bracelet is one of the most important decoration for people to show their personal charm and adorn themselves. However, not everyone has a clear knowledge of wearing and choosing a bracelet. Today, I will show you some tips about them,with my hope that it can help you find the suitable one that you love.

1. According to the occasion you are presented at

For workplace, if you spend your day before the computer, a fancy jewelry bracelet may not be suitable for you because the fancy style may distract you from work. For such kind of job, you’d better choose a jewelry bracelet with simple design, which not only makes you look amazing but also will not distract yourselves. But for other work like a designer, a model, you can choose a fancy style bracelet such as Hamsa Hand Bracelet to to show your personality.For the formal occasion, you should choose a bracelet with metal or jewelry, which look rather formal. Try to avoid wearing a leather bracelet or a plastic one.For the casual occasion, there are many choice for you. You can choose all kinds of bracelets according to you clothing style. For example, a punk style clothing may fit to hama hand bracelet. So just to show your fashion thought.

2. According to your wrist

The wrist of size is also the important factor you should take into account when choosing a bracelet. If your wrist is a big size, a bracelet with simple design may be more suitable for you compared with the complicated one because it can beautify your wrist without making it look big. While if your wrist is slim, you can have a wider range of choices but still there are something you have to remember that too skinny wrist is not suitable to wear a bracelet with big decoration because it can make you look more skinny.

3. About the size of your bracelet.

When you choose a bracelet especially when shopping online, you have to know clearly your wrist size. First you need to close your fingers together and bring your thumb to your little finger and then use a strip of paper or tape measurements, wrap it around your hand at the widest point. The measure that paper strip with a ruler. And then you can choose the size according the size chart. Remember a suitable one is the perfect one while one is too loose or close for you to make you look amazing.


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