How to Coordinate Jewelry with a Sleeveless

We’ve found the perfect wedding dress; now it’s time to find perfect accessories. Though all eyes will be attracted to the beauty and symbolism of your wedding ring, a few pieces of other jewelry will round out your sleeveless dress.

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Traditional wedding calls for pearl jewelry set. Nevertheless, times have changed and so have brides. You can feel free to wear diamonds or gems, crystal, beads or a simple chain. But if your sleeveless has a heavily embellished or halter-style neckline, skip neckwear altogether and use jewelry to emphasize your ears or hair instead.

pearl jewelry setpearl jewelry setpearl jewelry set

It is not necessary to wear traditional pear earrings. Never overdo the earrings with dangles if you are wearing a necklace. Why not take silver clip earrings and drop earrings into consideration. Don’t overpowering the elegance of your dress and face with too much jewelry.


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