Create a Unique look? Try Mixed Media Jewelry

Mixed media jewelry is those which made with several different materials. This special design could be used with all kinds of jewelry, such as necklaces for women, bracelets, earrings as well as rings. Don’t be surprise! Even the belts and headbands could be designed like this. Believe it or not, the different elements really create a unique look, providing endless possibilities for styling. I got this ideal several days ago when I meet my primary classmate by incident in the street which has a lot of wholesale jewelry.

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All of you are curious of how to wear with mixed jewelry most. There are so many possibilities when it comes with mixes media, you can try this style of jewelry with mostly anything. If you combine a piece which is really stand out with neutral and basic. You could create a statement look by pairing prints and patterns with a leap of faith. Try it and you will get an unexpected surprise.

necklaces for women

necklaces for womenYou can either wear mixed media jewelry as a main piece or just an accent. Letting a necklace break out of the cardigan, it is a great way for you to accessorize outfit by using this jewelry. Combine metals and leather are perfect for those people who are fond of rock n’ roll look.


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