How to Create the Vintage Style with Statement Necklace

When come to the vintage style, the classic films are seen as the course of jewelry collocation. The high point combination between radial statement collar necklace and red dress meet the perfect vintage fashion! Cleopatra in the film who is beautiful, wise, sexy and charming, moreover, her every outfit and accessory that appear in the film should be the enjoyment in visual, a large area of gold accessories show the luxury of royal household; the oversize bold necklace create the quiet and magnificent look of Cleopatra; width bracelets and classic layering build the forever role in the film!

collar necklace collar necklace collar necklace collar necklace

Classic backtracking:
The irresistible long style dress; red is the traditional and sexy representative since antiquity which explains various characters, enthusiasm and elegant but not lost sexy, especially the oblique shoulder design one matches with the radial style necklace show the low-key neck luxury well.
The radial style necklace like Chunky Gold Statement Necklace, it is more suitable for those women who have small face and long neck when compare with the round face or square face. On the other hand, you could feel free to pile up high your hair or the short hair would be good as well to accent the perfect neck line. Besides, you should be clear that the best lengths of the necklace for you are about 40 to 45cm, keeping the necklace in the short range is focus.

collar necklace collar necklace collar necklace collar necklace collar necklace

Nowadays, many of the radial style necklaces have been infused different modern elements, different diamonds as well as different radial style which make them so many styles. Various styles of the stars go with the classic dress, show us the bling and amazing neck. Tips: tube top dress + radial necklace = perfect collocation, but you should also pay more attention to the colors of necklaces and dress, what’s more, the radial styles belongs to the big size accessories, so there is no necessary for you to come with other jewelry!

collar necklace collar necklace collar necklace collar necklace


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