Different Jewelry Loupes You Need

Jewelry loupe is more of a specialized magnifier, and I bet that some of you need this special tools. If you are looking for jewelry loupes for help, this post is meant for you. Here are some clear jewelry loupes from Banggood.com, and I hope that you could find the one you need.

Jewelry Loupe Magnifier

10x 21mm Jewelers Magnifier Loupe Magnifying Glass Loupe

This one is tiny and portable, and you could take it along. As long as you got this one, you could inspect the gems or other precious jewelry easily.

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21mm Jewelers Loupe


Golden 30 X 21mm Jeweler Loupe Magnifying Eye Glass Magnifier New

Compared with the last one, this one looks quite similar with the silver one, expect for the golden exterior. What’s more, this one could inspect objects at times, which is better than the one silver one.

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Mini Compact Monocular Telescopes


Mini Compact Pocket Monocular Telescopes -Sized 8X20

This one is also portable, but it’s more useful due to the coating, which could help you to see more clearly in the darkness. And it’s made of aluminum, which could make the telescope better.

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USB 2.0 Digital Microscope


USB 2.0(25X-200X) Digital Microscope Magnifier Magnifying Glass

If you prefer a better loupe for much smaller details, here is the digital one you need. It’s a very good product with reasonable price.

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