Different Styles Ear Cuff to Show Your Disparate Mettle

The little ear cuff, how could it cut a conspicuous figure in compact size? Now the small stud studs could wear in chic. The earrings are more than you imagine from the time when the ear cuff earrings and the fantasy layer studs become hot. Here we will show you the newest wearing methods which will surely surprise you, what you need to do are preparing your piercing!

ear cuff earrings

The hottest ear cuff hang on the whole ears, in the same time match it with the stud molding. But as far as I am concerned, you’d better wear the ear cuff on one side instead of both side ears, or you are more likely to become a strange man!

ear cuff earringsear cuff earrings

This style of earrings is change from the previous one;

ear cuff earrings ear cuff earrings ear cuff earrings

The chain style ear cuff earrings have elegant woman taste more.

ear cuff earrings ear cuff earrings

The circle ear cuff like Pearl Ear Clip, the girls who pursuit the punk style could have a try!

ear cuff earrings Pearl Ear Clip Pearl Ear Clip

The little studs are lovely and you could combine different shapes of them each time.

ear cuff earrings ear cuff earrings
This style of earrings with strong sense of presence, it is between the style of drop earrings and studs.

ear cuff earrings



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