Dress in womanliness for short Haired Girls

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When I was a child, I was engrained with the idea that short hair always belongs to the boy and long hair make you look feminine. Most of the women hold that you can change different hairstyles if you with long hair while others think it is more convenience and smart to cut short hair. None of the two opinions are wrong. There is no denying that short hair is more and more popular among women nowadays, of course, it is not truth that a woman with short hair will look less feminine. You can both save your time and accent your beauty with your short hair.

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If you worried about you will lose feminine after having your hair cut, you can change through your clothes. If you enjoy a bohemian style, select maxi skirts over jeans and tops with lace or a delicate pattern as well as put on jewelry sets. And shirt dress and heels are also a good option to show feminine. I think when you look feminine in your clothes; you won’t worry about the short hair.  jewelry sets

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Another way to play up femininity for short hair style is to have fun with makeup. If you are unwilling to makeup, you can add some lip protector and wear a coat of mascara during the winter. On the contrary, if you are used to makeup before going outside, you should choose one feature to highlight and then experiment with makeup looks. Try to play with different eyes shadow look or add a subtle cat’s eye with eye liner. Add a natural looking pink or coral blush to add some eye-catching color if your cheekbones are to die for. Last, necklaces for women are good choice for short hair style women; they can enhance your face and make you look feminine.

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