Easy Way to Look Taller

You never know how frustrating for a petite girl to wear clothing, every time when they look onto the mirror, a thought of how to dress to look more taller came to their mind casually. Some of my friends always complain to me that she was not fat but her legs were just too short, if she tall then she may look even slimmer. It is truth that you height is something you either have naturally or you don’t, but you can accessorize your look and take pains to make yourself look taller than your actual height. This is the magic power of fashion. Choose the cheap jewelry and any other accessories as well as clothing to achieve your desire look by following the tips.

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You can actually create a longer and slim line by wearing long tunics with leggings, long slim trousers, sheathe dresses and so on. Though a majority of women hold the opinion that all black for dressing slimmer, you can still use other hues to create a longer line. Just go monochromatic or tonal. If you want to look taller why not chop up your body with contrasting colors. For instance, pair a white shirt with a black skirt.

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Choose a strong vertical element is of significant. Your unbuttoned jacket or vest can attract people’s eyes moving up and down instead of across. The sheath dress is the perfect dress to create a longer look. And pair a small pants, a long scarf wrapped round your neck with the ends left dangling and layers of long necklaces all create a strong vertical line or you can also choose statement necklaces cheap, the longer one is better.

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Last, wear heels are necessary, it is the best way to visually increase your height. Don’t you know even a slight heel will improve the line of most outfit. And of course, if you wearing a high heel, you will look even higher.

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