Engagement Rings Trends in 2018

People think that the best moment in a couple’s life is their wedding day. In reality, the engagement is more special as it sets the tone for the perfect wedding. The most crucial components of an engagement are the finger rings. You may think it’s cute to propose with a candy ring but let’s face it, women make a big deal out of their engagement rings.

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Why you should pick a trendy engagement finger ring.

Despite the obvious reason of rings being a must-have in proposing, there are various more reasons as to why they should be perfect. Women are fashion conscious and want a ring that they can brag to their friends and family about. I should warn you that women have probably spent her whole life thinking about this moment so you don’t want to mess it up.

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A trendy engagement ring is a thing that you use to convey to your partner the seriousness of your commitment. The ring you pick is in some way a symbol of your affection so special care should be taken when you are picking one.

Top 5 engagement ring trends in 2018.

When picking out a ring, the 4 Cs (color, clarity, carat and cut) should be put into consideration, coupled with your partner’s fashion style.

2018 has come with amazing engagement styles that your partner might love! The fashion world is going crazy and the finger rings have not been left behind. Here are some of 2018 top trends.

1.Three-stone ring- Prince Harry set the bar after proposing with a three stone diamond ring and now most women want to be proposed to like royalty. The three stones represent the past, present, and future of the couple, making it not only trendy but symbolic.

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2.Oval cut rings-This elongated style ring with a vintage look is making a hard comeback. It has an elegant look that women seem to love.

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3.Six prong solitaire- This finger ring is a classic that seems to be timeless. It never goes out of style. It has a simple yet classy look that gets most women saying yes.

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4.Diamond Halo engagement ring- The reason women love this ring is that the halo diamonds make the centerpiece diamond seem bigger. It’s no secret that women want big rocks that don’t seem tacky. Over time, subtle changes and designs have been made to this rings making them better.

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5.Rose gold ring- It has a warm, soft romantic feeling to it and an intricate setting that draws attention to its details.

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During an engagement, the finger rings have a lot to do with the answer you get. Take special care when picking the rings out and be sure to pick a trendy one. With this top 5 styles, you can never go wrong.


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