Enormous Attractive Vintage: Jewelry collocation in “2 Broke Girls”

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Easiness, chic, gag and the fun actor’s lined occur time and again, all of those elements prompted the “2 Broke Girls” rocketed among the world. The common girl Max and the sorehead rich girl Caroline in the film apart from full of witty remarks; their wild single items, jewelry sets become the new fashion indicators, even though they wearing the labor suits in the film, stylish and vivid impression will be showed by matching with different jewelry. The vintage style shows incisively ad vividly.

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Max (Kat Dennings) in the film: Max always appears as a waitress, the vintage jewelry is her best favorite, a pendant necklace with “an arrow through a heart” which she keeps wearing all the time, the ring with vintage elements style and the diamonds ring make her hands steal the show for many times. If you are fond of the vintage rings like Max, I do believe you will like Crystal Sparkling Facets Ring! What’s more, a pair of Baroco style bold earrings is barely visible standing near her soft waves, what is worth mentioning? Max focus on the layer bracelet with great passion, it is also the hottest single item this season, even the hottest trend she can break out, it follows that the collocation skill of Max is perfect, maybe one day the casual brooch well arouse hot fashion as well.

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Caroline (Beth Behrs) in the film: as for Caroline, it must be her signature pearl necklace, in the movie she wearing this necklace from the moment she ran away, she said only when she wearing this necklace, can she find the feel of debutante, in consequence, many people all buy a necklace like her after watching the TV. Caroline love jewelry so much, it is a pity the luxury jewelry can only occur in the word but not appear in the film, because of the family is in straitened circumstances. However the same as Max, she wear the vintage jewelry in fashion way.

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