Every Child is Like A Shambhala PU Leather Bracelet

It has been 3 weeks since I resigned. According to the rule of the school, I could leave here after a month. I have been a Chinese teacher in this school for two years. Now I planned to move to a new city to find something special that could give me fresh feeling. However, I was not willing to leave my students at all, who were value treasure in my eyes.

Shambhala PU Leather BraceletShambhala PU Leather BraceletShambhala PU Leather Bracelet
The pursuit for unknown life drove me to say goodbye to my students. In order to leave some keepsakes for them, I bought wholesale jewelry on purpose, which were planned to be their last gift. That was Shambhala PU Leather Bracelet, which suited not only the female but also the male. The reason why I selected it lied in the good quality and reasonable price. More importantly, there were so many colors for me to choose and they could satisfy different people’s demand.

Shambhala PU Leather BraceletThere were 23 students in my class in all. Thus I selected 23 Shambhala PU Leather Bracelets. When I brought them to the classroom and distributed to the children, they felt surprised and pleasant. Also, they were disappointed when knowing I was going to leave soon. I told them, every child was like a Shambhala PU Leather Bracelet as they had their own “color”. They could be appreciated by a person who knew how to treat them.

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I hoped the Shambhala PU Leather Bracelet replaced me to accompany them to grow, witnessing their smile and sorrow. It represented my best wishes for every child. Although I was leaving soon, my heart would never leave them.

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