Everyone Can Become The VIP5 !!!

Banggood’s 11th birthday is around the corner. To mark this occasion, the grand shopping carnival has been launched to you guys. Since August 7th, the initial part of the shopping carnival, named warming-up time has taken place with a variety of smaller promotions and high discounts, which has made you surprised enough.

Banggood's 11th anniversary

But something that you can never imagine is that a bigger surprise has been prepared for you. Whether you are a new member or an old member, you can grab the VIP5 trial qualification to become the VIP5 during the time between August 21st and Sept 3rd. Being the VIP5 means that you can enjoy partial VIP5 exclusive benefits from Sept. 7th to Sept. 10th at 10 am (UTC +8). For example, you can enjoy the privilege of points exchange, VIP exclusive prices and VIP shipping coupons. But I have to tell you that the chances are limited. So if you are not VIP5 yet, during the time you should keep sharp to become the VIP5 of Banggood. Everyone can be the VIP5 in this Anniversary shopping carnival. So just act quickly to have a look and make good preparations for it by clicking the link: https://www.banggood.com/11annv/vip.html?utmid=2001

Banggood's 11th anniversaryBesides, something important I have to tell you is that VIP exclusive prices have been available in all the items of the websites. So, you can buy all the items of all the categories including smart devices, toys and games and home and garden at a discounted price. So, to be the VIP is the important thing you should do if you want to save more.

Banggood's 11th anniversary

And if you have been a VIP, there will be more surprises for you. For instance, if you upgrade your VIP account to VIP2 or higher levels during the Anniversary or after the Anniversary, you can get the VIP upgraded gifts that are shown in the following.   Banggood's 11th anniversary

So Banggood always brings many exclusive benefits to their VIP members. Why don’t you be a member of Banggood as quickly as you can.





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