Fashion or Fine Jewelry

What is and isn’t fine jewelry? This has been a heated discussion in the internet. At present, in order to appeal to people, more and more products are decorated with jewelry. Even though the cell phone is adorned with gemstones and crystals few people will consider it as jewelry. How do you define the term fine jewelry?

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The discussion had changed into a sensitive last year. In most cases, a major debate is defining and differentiating between fine and fashion jewelry; And where and how to draw a line between them? Some people believe that a phone with diamonds and crystal would not classify as jewelry, However, what about USB fashion necklaces, jewelry headline, fragrance jewelry? Should all this products be considered as jewelry?

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If something which was mass –products or cheap fashion jewelry could not be classified as “fine” jewelry. But Both a disagreed, in his experience, the ruling on mass-produces fine jewelry lay with the customer. Others think fine jewelry represents the best in its class and has been made with precision and skill by a finely trained crafts person, fine jewelry must be crafted from fine gemstones and metals, and assembled with fine skills, fine jewelry stores must be able to deliver the services of a fine jeweler.

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