Fashion Sharing: Icons’ Looks at 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Well, the latest MTV Movie Awards has taken place at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on April 12, 2015. Apart from the award itself, every time what celebrities wear would be the focal point and catch us much attention. This award is no exception. Today, let’s look back at icons’ wearings that how perfect they embellish with the help of jewelry collection.

Stars’ jewelry 1Stars’ jewelryStars’ jewelryStars’ jewelry

As a matter of fact, this time the jewelry icons put on were more simple than last year. For example, Brittany Snow just used two ordinary gold rings and ear cuffs to match with her red and pink dress, while Shailene Woodley just wore a ring necklace to decorate her empty neck. But both them looked pretty elegant and charming. Compare with them, Scarlett Johansson’s pendant earrings were more prominent and attractive. However, the most rocking look incredibly contributed to Jennifer Lopez, who wore a punk style with several dazzling big rings, earrings and bracelets, really eye-catching and sexy.

Stars’ jewelryStars’ jewelryStars’ jewelryStars’ jewelryStars’ jewelryStars’ jewelryStars’ jewelry

In general, this time icons shew a little low-key about jewelry, but they were still attractive, gorgeous and charming.

Charming look Stars’ jewelryStars’ jewelryStars’ jewelry


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