Fashion Summer Wearing: Show Your Glam Body Line & Stretch Ratio

When it is not a good option to layer overly to cover the defect of your body line in the hot summer, with that said you must face it. Some girls with not so good body shape use the big T-shirt, short, black stocking, heels to help to divided them into unequal numbers, with doing that they think they can blur vision; on the contrary it isn’t going to do any good and you’ve set yourself up for a pretty miserable day. In the final analysis, there are two ways which are able to help you change your body line: the one is keeping healthy diet and the other is making full use of the outfit and wholesale fashion jewelry to help you stretch body ratio. If you want to start with the first way then you should keep on working, so let’s start with the second one.

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The waist skirt can turn the start of the bottom body to the belly button; suddenly change your body line. The middle length skirt pair with the heels with platform which is the best way to stretch your legs then makes you show your best body shape. Nevertheless, stick in mind that a pair of elegant thick heels worn with a waist skirt, say a lot more about a woman than a pair of extremely sexy thin platform heels. When finishing your outfit choose some bold but short jewelry such as earrings or necklaces to accent your appearance.

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“High waist” appear again, the high waist dress also dispensable outfit on every girls’ wardrobe especially the one who without so good body line. You can choose to attach a belt on the top of your slim waist so that it can help to longer your bottom body. At that time, you can miss the nude waterproof heels which show your long and slim legs perfect. Go up to a bracelet or stubs to add more shining point.

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Compare with the common skirts which are more likely to separated your bottom body into short part, high waist open fork shirts use the irregularity sexy to show your legs line. And the heels longer your legs as well, add a pair of ear cuff is able to show your special appearance.

wholesale fashion jewelry

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