Find the Right Length for Your Necklace


When you take a stroll on the jewelry shop, you surely are easy to be attracted by a shiny necklace deeply, so you can’t wait to consider more and just take it back your home as soon as possible. In this moment, a pretty sad thing is coming to you, the length of the necklace is different from what you have imagined. How embarrassing it is. Today, it is high time for you to learn some knowledge about choosing the right length for your pendant necklaces, collar necklaces and other styles.

pendant necklacespendant necklacespendant necklaces

In general, 16 inches necklaces are the collar length you keep in your impression. There is no doubt that it is pretty suitable for those girls who have a comparatively small figure. The 18 inches necklace is the most common length to see in the jewelry store, adding a pendant to such necklace like the wolf tooth necklace is the best collocation in daily life. If you prefer to wear deep v, 20 inches necklaces are necessary for you to add into your jewelry box so as to match with your sexy look confidently. Also, if you want to look more eye-catching, 24 or 26 inches can’t be more perfect decoration for you.

pendant necklacespendant necklacespendant necklaces

However, the long length in 30 inches is everyone’s key necklace to keep because there is no any limitation to wear it. That is to say, despite your figure, occasion or wearings, you can hold it easily and perfectly. Now that, can you find the right length for your necklace?

pendant necklacespendant necklacespendant necklacespendant necklaces


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