Follow the Chinese Culture to Wear the Jewelry

If you are interested in China and pay enough attention to this antiquated country, you must know that China has a very long history with more than five thousand years. And in this country, there are many special and typical building, clothes and even the food. It is really worth visiting in China. On the other hand, I think the most famous thing of China is the name of the zodiac year. Have you ever heard about this? It does not matter if you never heard about it. I will take an vivid example for you guys to understand. This year is 2015, right? How do you call it? In China, most people call it the year of goat. And the last year 2014 is the year of horse. Is it very funny? Now you understand? And can you tell me what zodiac year is the next year? If you know that, you get the point.

Chinese building Chinese building Chinese food Chinese food

Nowadays, the China is one of the biggest development country and it will become stronger and stronger. What’s more, the amount of people to go sightseeing to China is increasing rising. So shall we follow its culture trend to dress up sometimes? According to this zodiac year is goat, I share you guys a women jewelry which has the goat on it. Are you looking forward to it? And can you guess what do it look like?

Chinese zodiac years Chinese zodiac years

The color of Italina rose gold bracelet surely is the rose gold which is the most popular color recently. It is made of the alloy and the crystal so as to it is light enough for the women to put on. Of course, there are many other types of jewelry as the follow pictures. Do you like them? Please contact me to know more detail about them. I look forward to your message.

Italina Rose Gold Bracelet  Italina Rose Gold Bracelet goat jewelry goat jewelry goat jewelry goat jewelry


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