Follow the Stars at New York Fashion Week to Wear the Jewelry

New York Fashion Week which is held in February and September of each year that will last 7-9 days, is a semi-annual series of events when international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press and the general public. It is one of four major fashion weeks including the Milan fashion week, London fashion week and the Paris fashion week in the world and they are collectively known as the “Big 4”. Recently, it is the active time for people to take part in the New York fashion week. But I don’t think that all the common people have the chance to participle in such a grand activity. We can know the events that happened during this activity from a variety of methods such as the TV, the magazine and so on.

miley cyrus at New York Fashion Week Kylie Jenner

There are so many super stars turn up and show their charm and beauty to the media. They wear beautiful grand clothes to show their profession about the fashion. At the first sight of them, most of people will pay more attention to their clothes or hairstyle. But they are not my main point about the fashion week today. I focus the mind on their accessories like the women jewelry and the watch. If you observe them deeply, you will find out that most of the jewelry that they wear are simple but fashion. And the main color of them is the gold, which is the most popular color nowadays.

Chiara Ferragni Chiara Ferragni Jenna Lyons

The golden angel wings ring is very suitable for us to follow the style of these super stars as it is gold, simple but special. For most of girls, I think they will fall in love with this ring. Wearing this ring, you will have the good mood and illusion that you are an beautiful angel with the white wings. In a word, it can add the romantic feeling and elegant temperament to your appearance.

angel wings ring

Ella Thorne Jessica Hart Lady Gaga


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