Grasp the Tail of Summer: Best Collocation Show Off Your Long& Slim Legs

Statement Necklaces

The most impressive things in summer are not only the delicate makeup, elegant hairstyle or the fashion items, but also the well-endowed beautiful sexy legs. No matter you are wearing a hot short or elegant long dress, accent the even perfect legs line is your sake. Without doubt, the sexy jewelry is also indispensable to complete your whole appearance, whatever the wedding jewelry sets or other jewelry. Whereas the stars seems have prepared the good matching outfit, grasp the last summer time show of the enviable legs line.

wedding jewelry sets
Super model Anja Rubik wearing a black motor jacket matches with black short, the silver earrings and necklace form shapely contrast with the black outfit. A cool look appears in the street, the long slim legs attract attention.
wedding jewelry sets

Another super model Alessandra Ambrosio, a white perspective cloth pair with the pink high waist short, a gold watch match with a bracelet it is the fashionable collocation this season! A pair of pearl studs near the hair looks simple but elegance, the sandals create slender body shape.

wedding jewelry sets

Taylor Swift wearing a white show shoulder cloth and match with the jean look extremely sexy. A pair of heels adds more femininity.

wedding jewelry sets
Kim Kardashian appears in the street with a carnation long dress, high jag design and the deep V-neck bring a sexy appearance.
wedding jewelry setswedding jewelry sets

Kristin Cacallari matches the black heels with black dress as well as black bag, black statement necklaces which are full of cool.

Statement Necklaceswedding jewelry sets

Vanessa Hudgens, the multi layers long necklaces longer her body shape in a certain and match perfect with the printing and the high waist pant.

wedding jewelry sets
Paris Hilton, a blue printing dress and accessorize with the bold special necklace which show her womanliness well.
Statement Necklaces

The boat neck white cloth and a red printing dress, what a sexy look it is! The small pendant necklace won’t distract the whole outfit, on the contrary it achieve the effect of bring out the crucial point!

wedding jewelry setsStatement Necklaces


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