Homemade Wedding Jewelry Make a Unique and Elegant Bridal Look

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With hundreds of dollars of jewelry on the wedding day no longer the only ways to create a beautiful look. You have spent all the money on your bridal party and your wedding attire, why not make the cheap wedding jewelry yourself, it can not only save your pocket but also make a one-of-a-kind look on your wedding ceremony. What’s more, handmade jewelry can also send as a gift for your bridesmaid, it is meaningful as the jewelry is made by yourself. The homemade jewelry can remind them of you every time when they put on your jewelry.

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Regardless of hairstyle you have, headbands can be worn to make a fancy look in the entire wedding party; you can also choose one for the flower girls if you like. If you aren’t willing to wear a veil select a headband instead. Buy plain headbands from a craft store and wrap them with ribbon, gluing the ends in place. And then glue some small beads or some fake flower to one side of each headband. Press the stem against the top of the band and wrap another layer of ribbon around it to secure the flower in place.

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Making a necklace for you wedding and pair with other bridal jewelry sets is a good idea. Nonetheless, making a necklace suitable for your wedding may not so that easy unless you have a little help from the craft store. String a pendant onto a length of wire and string beads or pearls onto each end of the necklace. Use pendant which is in the shape of the women’s first initial is the best way to make a meaningful and unique necklace. Finally, tie the ends of the necklace unto a bow.

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