Hot and Vital Island Style in 2015

At the beginning of the year, a large amount of fashion shows occupy the space of a whole page of the fashion magazine, different styles different themes, all in a cloudy daze! More than that, the bold fashion moldings seems far away from our real life, come with me and appreciate the fresh spring and summer Island style look which is full with enthusiastic and romantic from the Juicy Couture series!

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The Black Label Series wakes up the bold and unrestrained personality of the Juicy girls, moreover, during this amazing hot summer trip, go after lithe and graceful exoticness. Juicy Couture lead the Juicy girls set out the heaven on earth which is full with sunshine, start adventures in the Island that surrounded by beach and limpid seawater, get your fill on unprecedented summer experience. The tropical print which is active, the palm and Island embroidery as well as glamorous colors become the new outfit in new summer.

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Juicy Couture takes the advantage of different styles of the patterns and prints, texture as well as the accessories, such as the flowers pattern, lace tassel short, white embroidery and son on blend into the classic sport outfit, successfully create the new fashion index. When matching with the sparkle jewelry, the whole summer looks are perfect! It is truth that asides from the outfit, the bling bling designable jewelry is another watching focus!

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