Hot DIY Trend to Try: Bobby Pin Earrings

I do believe that you need to use more or less pins to beautify hairs in daily life which seems to be one of necessary things for you if you are a girl. However, here is one of wonderful DIY jewelry about pins which calls bobby pin earrings, you should learn and try it. Based on my experience, it is a super fun idea to pursue it this DIY aspiration. In the following, do allow me to share the practical steps and necessary materials with you.

Bobby Pin EarringsBobby Pin Earrings

Those are somethings you must prepare before getting a start: some bobby pins, earring hooks, pieces of craft wires and nail polish.

Bobby Pin EarringsBobby Pin EarringsBobby Pin EarringsBobby Pin EarringsBobby Pin EarringsBobby Pin Earrings

Steps to give you a clear guide: first, pick some bobby pin and use the nail polish to paint them become the colors you like. In order to paint them perfect, do place them on cardboard paper to dry it. Second, it it time for you to prepare the wire well, so take the craft wires and cut them into the length you need, and twist them. Next, slip the colorful pins on the wires and shape the wires to attach the hook. For securing well, do wrap the wire more times.

Bobby Pin EarringsBobby Pin Earrings

Now, all the steps are finished. Do you think it is enough cool and interesting for you? Anyway, hopefully you can enjoy this DIY jewelry journey!


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