Hot Street Snap Fashion Icon Wrist Layering Tips

The essential step to be a fashion icon is learning well how to put out all kinds of poses on the street corner, which the women watches and bead charm bracelet become one of the most popular accessories for women. If you recall, not all the watches are suitable to be used to accent the molding. It is not hard to find if you have a close-up view of the fashion street snap.

bead charm braceletGlass Beads Bracelet

The indispensable fashion item in winter for the office workers is the coat neat and tidy coat in good tailor, but the style which is all in the same key is booked for monotonous, wear the big screen watch in simple style is able to create the fashion molding that different from others.

Glass Beads Bracelet Glass Beads Bracelet

As the luxury gold color has push out by Apple Inc, we found that people from all over the world fond of this color! Therefore, the fur and the gold watch should be a winning combo for us. Mix the gold watch with the Glass Beads Bracelet, you will appear cool and full with femininity on the street.

Glass Beads BraceletGlass Beads Bracelet

If you would like to create the casual style, why not try the automatic watch and sweater! Maybe you will think it is not high-end enough when come to the automatic watch, but it is the accessories that fit well most moldings. You will find you look young with matching the automatic watch together with the sweater!

Glass Beads Bracelet


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