How Do Celebrities Rock The Knuckle Rings?

Fingers are made attractive with the usage of beautiful rings available in the market, but it becomes even more expressing when the knuckles are studded with stunning rings. Why do we need knuckles to be covered with rings? Most probably referred to as the Tea rings, the knuckle rings add up the style, and most of the stylists and trendsetters recommend them as a matter of fashion. Fashion is moving beyond confined borders as they tend to decorate the parts of the body which we could not have imagined at all. In that sense, we can have a talk over how celebrities wear knuckle rings and how they rock them they appear.

knuckle rings	Celebrities rocking the knuckles

It is not strange that the celebrities wear glittering dresses and ornaments as they are used by the trendsetter to introduce the new trend. In that way, we can know about the various styles of knuckle rings that the celebrities use to wear. We can take instances of some celebrities wearing knuckle rings with some amount of unique style.

One such women celebrity is Mary Kate Oslen who is a fashion designer, a successful businesswoman who can be seen wearing a knuckle ring in the functions she is appearing. In the blog “I live for it”, Mary Kate had expressed her desire for wearing the knuckle rings and also asked her closest friends to wear attractive and stunning knuckles. Even she had been referred to as “knuckle madness”.

knuckle rings

Kim Kardashian is seen wearing the knuckle ring with the utmost style which looked so dashing and stunning. The golden colour knuckle ring looks so attractive for her which showed her uniqueness. Even, she had shared her knuckle ring collection in the Pinterest and attracted more audience.

knuckle rings

Fergie, an American singer,  is seen wearing a stunning four finger Maison Margiela knuckle ring to the 3rd Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala. It made her hands stand out from other knuckle ring wearers, and it looked unique in style.

knuckle rings

Christina Aguilera in the Latina magazine in the year 2012, is seen wearing knuckle rings all over her fingers indicating the entrance of wearing knuckle rings into fashion.

knuckle rings

Fashion has moved out from the limitation of dressing,  and it had entered into jewellery section. Knuckle rings had become as a source of attraction in the jewellery section, and it acts as the trending jewellery.  It can also be given as a gift to your loved ones according to their wardrobe patterns. Although they are fashionable,  they are stable and durable enough and require less maintenance. Just make your knuckles glitter with style by checking here.


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