How to Choose the Right Earring for Your Face Shape

As a finishing touch of your outfit, the perfect earrings are undeniably essential. Who doesn’t like to accessorize herself with gorgeous jewelry? As choosing the earrings, have you ever thought of which kind of earrings is the best one that fits you well? With so many fashion earrings that got you dazzled, here are some suggestions you might need.

leaf ear stud leaf ear stud

To take a cue from your face shape, there are different kinds of earring for you. First of all, I am going to discuss the heart-shaped face with you. The heart-shaped face is described as the face that features a forehead which is wider than the cheeks. To take Jennifer Love Hewitt and Scarlet Johnson as examples, the ear studs will be a safer choice for people who have heart-shaped face. In view of that, the leaf ear stud might be your best choice.

leaf ear stud leaf ear stud

Different from the heart-shaped face, the oval-shaped face feature a forehead which looks as wide as the cheek. I have to say that this kind of face could go well any kind of earrings, including the teardrop earring, the dangle earrings, or even the exaggerated chandelier earrings. Jennifer Lawrence, one of my favorite actresses, has an oval-shaped face. She does look gorgeous with different kinds of earrings.

fashion earrings fashion earrings fashion earrings

The last kind of face is the square face. Most of the square faces look quite unique, masculine and unexpectedly charming. Obviously, Angelina Julie has a square face of which the forehead, cheekbones and jaw are about the same width, and she’s beautiful. As you could see from the pictures, the drop earrings suit her well, and she is kind of fond it.

leaf ear stud fashion earrings

Please stick with our blog, maybe I will show you the rest of face shapes in next post.


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