How to Identify True & False Crystal


Crystal is one of the gems that is highly worn in daily life, and is often imitated. Wearing natural crystal jewelry set surely can’t only add much scores to your dressing-up, but also bring good luck to you. So, how to identify true and false crystal, let’s take a look at once.

Crystal Jewelry SetCrystal Jewelry Set

1. Temperature. Put the crystal on your hands for some time, the natural one feel cool, while vitric jewelry is warm.

Crystal Jewelry SetCrystal Jewelry SetCrystal Jewelry SetCrystal Jewelry Set

2. Observation. Usually, when the true crystal is formed, it is easily affected by the environment that always contains some impurities. Hence, just observe the crystal under the sun, you can see the light and tiny stripes or catkin substance.

Crystal Jewelry SetCrystal Jewelry Set

3. Sunlight. When you place the real gem under sunlight, it can let out the beautiful light no matter what perspective you look at it, surely the false one can’t.

Crystal Jewelry SetCrystal Jewelry Set

4. Hardness. The hardness of natural crystal is pretty large, even if you scratch it with gravel gently, it won’t leave any trace, instead, the artificial one will get a obvious trace.

crystal bracelets

After knowing the tips to identify true and false crystal, hopefully you can be smart when choosing crystal bracelets, necklaces, rings and other accessories.


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